The Real Somali Voices

This is for all my sisters and brothers in Somalia. You have been bullied and lied to by Al Jazeera. They are putting you in danger. Do not trust them!

If you get a sms that says it is from Al Jazeera and they are asking for information:


Please spread this to your friends and family. The message is a lie. Al Jazeera is not helping you. They are giving your name to Al-Shabaab and the other warlords. They are making you targets for the gangs.

Al Jazeera has tried to cover this:

  • “a small number of responders still added their names; some even added their full names. So these were deleted as quickly as possible.”

This is a lie. They are not deleting people’s names and they are making it sound like the fault of Somali people. It was Al Jazeeras fault. They even made a place for the names.

Not deleted immediately! Al Jazeera put your names online and then they broadcast them around the world.

Not “deleted as quickly as possible”! Al Jazeera puts your names online and then they broadcast them around the world.

This is from Al Jazeera television with Soud Hyder. We added the red to cover the names, but Al Jazeera showed them to everyone. See the part that says ‘Anonymous’ for some messages? They made a place for peoples names. This is the opposite of deleting. In this television programme they talked about gangs burning a market and they are highlight the name of a person. This person knew nothing about the website or the programme. He is now in danger.

They are trying to make it sound like the fault of the Somali people for adding their names but the Somali people did not even know about the website or the programme. How many of your friends in Somalia use websites and watch television? How many use their phones only? Shame on you Al Jazeera.

After Somalis complained and the names were removed (not quickly) guess how many people were warned they are in danger?

None! Al Jazeera lied about the names to cover themselves and pretended the leak never happened. They would prefer to put people in danger than admit they did something wrong. This is when they showed their true colours. Maybe they meant to help us, but then they put us in danger and they ran away and left the people in Somalia in more danger. Sound familiar? It is like everyone else who comes to help.

What was our gift for complaining about the leak and trying to help our brother and sisters in Somalia who did not even know the danger? The Somalis who helped are now being called liars! Here is a website:

More leak on the i Revolution blog

More leak on the i Revolution site

This is the other journalist Patrick Meir. Here is what Meir said after he deleted this picture:

  • “What picture are you talking about? There is no picture.”

We are not the lairs. You are the liar.

Read the text. He says he wants a two way conversation back in Somalia? This is not true. He did not warn the people he put in danger. He could help them by telling them but he did not.

What did we do after being treated this way? We stayed professional. Somalis are used to staying cool when things get bad. From our brother Deeq:

“Hey Patrick and Soud,

The project sounds good in theory but to be honest the feedback from my Somali diaspora friends is bad.”

This was the worst part because then we were bullied by our own. From our brother Mohammed:

“if you care the future of somalia you are welcome. No disrespect Deeq, but do you homework next time before you jump to the conclusion.”

“this initiate has unanimous support from the Diaspora.”

Mohammed, my brother, listen to yourself. How can it have unanimous support when many people are telling you that it is bad? If you work on this then you saw Al Jazeera hide the names they leaked. Why are you defending them?

I see this too much in our brothers. With all the violence in our lives, we want to fight back the same way. They want to connect with a big name like Al Jazeera, like it is their own gang. But you are not in Somalia. I hate Al Shaabab and the warlords and the gangs. I want them gone. But it is not bravery when you put someone in danger by sharing their suffering with the world.

We are the Real Somali Voices. We are patient because we know our country will not be fixed soon. We might be in a different place now but we have not forgotten. We work together and we do not turn on our friends.